ShahTe’ Gardens

ShahTe’ Gardens
ShahTe’ Gardens is a BIPOC managed community garden in Oregon City, OR. We provide fresh produce to the community. We are Certified Naturally Grown in the heart of the Rivercrest.

ShahTe’ Gardens was established 2018 by Trisha Phillips, a native of Portland, Oregon.

Ms. Phillips and her partner cleaned out a 0.35 acre backyard riddled with blackberry bushes. Over 1000 lbs of blackberry roots were removed and she vowed to transform the space into a community garden. A year later the neighbors were delighted to see the backyard, once over-grown and unsightly, had been transformed into “something out of a magazine”, said one neighbor. Five large garden beds, a strawberry patch, a memorial garden and mulch! All of the mulch we could shovel. We believe in sustainable practices including rain collection. ShahTe’ Gardens now produces main season vegetables and is considered a micro-farm.


ShahTe Gardens

(971) 227-2218
Oregon City, OR

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ShahTe’ Gardens