Fawn Lily Farm

Fawn Lily Farm
Fawn Lily Farm is a specialty cut flower farm located in Gresham, Or. It is one of 14 small farms calling Headwaters Incubator Farm program it’s home. Biodiversity is our favorite variety and we demonstrate this by growing over 100 different species and cultivars.

Fawn lily flowersAt Fawn Lily Farm, we focus on unique varieties. We believe flowers should smell as sweet as your grandmother’s garden. We know that flowers are therapy, and we seek light up your day with our blooms.

Our farm employs earth friendly practices to bring you the happiest flowers around. Soil and pollinator health are our top priorities. We feed the soil in order to cultivate a thriving soil food web, and we never use pesticides to ensure safety for our pollinator friends.

Over 80% of domestically consumed flowers are grown thousands of miles away in Columbia, Ecuador, and beyond. These countries have minimal or no regulations on the use of toxic chemicals and or workers rights. Environmental stewardship is not anyone’s priority. Workers face permanent health problems such as infertility and blindness due to chemical exposure and are paid very little for their work. In addition, before being shipped flowers are dunked in more insecticides to ensure the absence of pests.

When you choose locally grown blooms, you’re supporting a different paradigm. You’re supporting local pollinators that visited the same crop your flower was harvested from. You’re supporting a local farmer who nurtured your plant for many months before it was ready to harvest and all the love, sweat, and anxiety that goes along with farming. Your flowers will last much longer because they were likely harvested the day before you received them.

CSA Details:
What: 10 weeks of the season’s finest blooms in the form of a large bouquet
When: Thursdays from the last week of June to early September
Where: Laurelthirst Public House @ 2958 NE Glisan St.
Time: 5:00-6:30
Cost: $195

(818) 681-1831
28600 Se Orient Dr.
Gresham, OR

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Fawn Lily Farm