Bearly Farms

We are a small farm located in Boring, Oregon growing foods free of herbicides/pesticides/fungicides and always working to grow food of the highest possible quality. We believe that people need foods that are going to give them the nutrients they require to be functioning at an optimal level. Bearly Farms aims towards helping people understand where their food is coming from and how it is grown.

Bearly Farms is being grown out of Boring, by a native Oregonian and Boring resident, Cody Thompson (AKA – Kodiac Bearface). Bearly Farms believes that the food we consume should be giving us the nourishment we need to be able to succeed and be able to feel good. We have and always will grow our food free of any inorganics. We will never use seeds that are coated and will never spray. Ever. We strive towards only using heirloom or organic seed. We will never use synthetic fertilizers. We believe that everything should be able to benefit from a farm and that includes the diverse array of plants and animals; micro and macro. We are looking for extreme biodiversity and strength within our soil and our plants. We grow our food with the intention to make the world a better place and are using the farm as a means to help our community. We want the farm to be a place where people can come together and rejoice in the beauty of hard-work and share in the riches of what seeds we have sown for the future.

We are a vegetable farm offering some specialty produce and many edible flowers. Most of our farm is annual vegetable crops, root vegetables, salad greens, and culinary herbs.

29630 SE Wheeler Rd
Boring, OR

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Bearly Farms