Anchor Ranch Farm

Anchor Ranch Farm
Anchor Ranch Farm produces a year-round mixed meat CSA, delivered monthly.
We are a small scale, family-owned, holistic management livestock farm near Scio, Oregon. We raise chickens, pigs, and grass-fed lamb on pasture and in the woods. We use no GMO feed and no chemicals. We move the animals regularly for their health and to help regenerate soil fertility.

AnchorRanchFarm1We are a small scale, family-owned and -operated farm. We produce healthy, delicious, natural, pasture-raised meat for other families.

At Anchor Ranch Farm we partner with our livestock to naturally rebuild soil fertility on our 50-acre farm without using chemicals or tilling. We keep stocking rates low and move our animals frequently to fresh pasture.

Our sheep graze our pasture to make room for new growth and their manure improves soil fertility. We move them every few days to fresh growth to give already-grazed pasture time to rest and regrow. Our sheep are outdoors all day, every day and lamb naturally outdoors in the spring.

AnchorRanchFarm3-1We raise our meat chickens outdoors on pasture grass as soon as they are old enough to keep warm (fully feathered). Their nitrogen-rich chicken manure is what we use to help grow our pasture without any chemical fertilizers. Our chickens also forage in the pasture to help reduce pest load without any chemicals. We feed local, non-GMO chicken feed made from Oregon wheat and peas to supplement what they forage from the field. Our CSA includes both standard pasture-raised Cornish Cross chickens (the standard breed) as well as completely free-ranging Red Ranger chickens.

Our pigs are Gloucester Old Spots, a rare heritage breed from a breeder here in Oregon. The pork is juicy with a lot of flavor, a good fat cap and much better marbling than store-bought pork. We raise our pigs in the margins of our pasture field, among brambles and mixed species forest. We let them root as much as they want because this helps keep invasive blackberries and thistles from coming into our fields. We rotate our pigs regularly through separate paddocks for their health. We feed a local, non-GMO pig feed made from Oregon wheat and peas to supplement what they root and forage. We also plant forage for our pigs, such as squash and clover.

Our free-range egg-layer chickens range over approximately 12 acres. We feed them table scraps and supplement their diet with non-GMO chicken feed, but we estimate that they forage for half their nutrition even in winter, and much more than that when it is warmer. We use only dual purpose, heritage breeds. Roosters protect our flock from predators.




39463 Highway 226
Scio, OR
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Anchor Ranch Farm