Anchor Ranch Farm

Anchor Ranch Farm
Anchor Ranch Farm is a small scale, family-owned, holistic management livestock farm near Scio, OR. We raise chickens and pigs outdoors on pasture all day, every day, as soon as they are old enough to be outside, and we use no GMO feed and no chemicals. We move the animals regularly for their health and to help renew soil fertility on what was previously conventionally-cropped farmland.

AnchorRanchFarm1At Anchor Ranch Farm we partner with our livestock to naturally rebuild soil fertility on our farm without chemicals or tilling. We keep stocking rates low and move our chickens to fresh pasture every day. Our chickens are safe from hawks, eagles, and other predators in roomy, open-air mobile coops with no floor, so they are always on grass and in fresh air and can forage for seeds and insects in our no-spray pasture. In their turn our chickens naturally fertilize our pasture without chemicals or other runoff into the neighboring Thomas Creek.

Our Pasture-Raised Chicken CSA runs for eleven months, June through April of the following year. Each CSA share includes one cleaned, dressed, frozen chicken per month for eleven months. The CSA is the best way to get our chickens at our bulk discount price without using up your freezer space. This is our first year offering a CSA and we are in the process of adding pickup locations and dates: please contact us or check our website for the latest pickup information. If there is no location near you, consider letting us designate your home as a monthly drop off!

AnchorRanchFarm2 Our monthly pickup share options are:
$26 for a whole chicken, frozen and wrapped (normally 5+ pounds)
$27 for a whole chicken, cut up and then frozen and all wrapped together
$31 for a whole chicken, cut up with breasts, legs, and other pieces frozen and wrapped separately

We bill subscriptions 3 months in advance to cover the cost of feed, but members can cancel a subscription at any time at no additional cost. Our subscription window for 2019 closes March 1.

Pork is not part of the CSA in 2019 but our heritage Old Spot pasture-raised pigs can be ordered at our wholesale price of $4.99/pound for a half pig share. Like our chickens, the pigs help us build soil fertility and mitigate weed pressure as we convert nutrient-depleted crop land to healthy pasture.  AnchorRanchFarm3-1

39463 Highway 226
Scio, OR
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Anchor Ranch Farm