Campfire Farms

Campfire Farms
Campfire Farms produces pasture raised pork in Mulino, Oregon. We sell pork at three Clackamas County farmer’s markets as well as whole and half hogs direct to customers. Our mission is to raise happy, healthy animals in their natural environment and to provide our community with excellent tasting meat.

CampfireFarms_117-300x499Campfire Farms is a family farm dedicated to raising animals ethically, being good stewards of the land and cooking delicious, healthy food at home.

Our pigs live entirely outside and are fed a non-GMO feed, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and forage in our pastures and woods. We rotate our animals on to new pasture every week to keep them clean, curious and active. They are processed at Mark’s Meats in Canby, an Animal Welfare Approved processor. The folks at Mark’s do a great job with our sausages, hams and bacon.

Campfire Farms Whole and Half Hog Shares:
Buying by the whole or the half allows you to customize your meat to how you and your family eat. For example, the leg can be brined and smoked for ham or ground and seasoned for sausages; the belly can be fresh pork belly or cured and smoked for bacon. You make the decisions based on what you use in your kitchen.

When buying a half or whole hog, you pay the farmer for the meat and the butcher for their services. We charge $4.10/lb for a half hog or $3.95/lb for a whole hog. A half hog will generally weigh around 100 pounds “on the hook,” and yield 60-70 pounds of wrapped meat, ready for cooking. The weight lost is moisture and excess fat, skin, and bones.

A half hog will break down into approximately:
-14 lbs loin chops or loin roasts
-3 lbs ribs
-10 lbs sausage or ground pork
-10 lbs ham
-10 lbs bacon
-14 lbs shoulder roasts
-5 lbs stew bones and hocks
-5 lbs fat

Total estimated costs: $410 (animal cost, payable to Campfire Farms) + $150 (butcher cost, payable to butcher) = $560 for one half pig

Feel free to visit our website or email if you have any questions. Deposits for April hogs can be made on our website.

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(503) 908-HOGS
18232 S. Valley Vista Rd
Mulino, OR
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