Birkeland Farm

Birkeland Farm is a family run 70 acre Beef Ranch in Beavercreek. We raise grass fed and grass finished beef in a natural herd environment. We raise heritage beef cattle as well as some traditional beef cows. We also raise pastured chickens. The chickens are moved every day in Salatin style pens onto new pasture. Professionally processed, they are on a no corn, no soy feed from a local mill.

We are a 70 acre Beef Ranch in Beavercreek outside of Oregon City. We raise heritage Beef as well as Angus cross. Our Beef is all 100% grass fed/grass finished. No antibiotics, no hormones. No grain. Our cows are raised in a natural herd environment on a rotational grazing system.

We also raise pastured chickens on a no corn, no soy diet in moveable Salatin style pens. The chickens are on pasture 100% after the initial brooding period. They are moved every day to new grass with full access to sun, shade, bugs etc. They are professionally processed.

22280 S. Beavercreek Rd.
Beavercreek, OR

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Birkeland Farm