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Full Plate Farm
Full Plate Farm specializes in growing vegetables for the Winter Season, so you can continue to eat local, nutritious food throughout the year. Our farm is in Ridgefield, Washington, 18 miles North of Portland. By subscribing to our CSA you receive freshly harvested vegetables every two weeks, November through March, to be picked up around Portland and SW Washington. Payment plans are available.

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We started Full Plate Farm in 2010 with a love for winter vegetables and the place we grew up. Over the years we’ve honed our craft of growing vegetables that are delicious and can survive and thrive in our winter weather. There’s nothing like the frost kissed sweetness you’ll find from freshly harvested parsnip or bunch of kale. We invite you to taste the difference. 



Full Plate Farm is a Certified Organic farm. We cover crop to protect the soil from erosion, hold nutrients in place to put back at a later time, provide habitat for beneficial insects, and increase the soil’s fertility. We rotate our vegetables throughout different parts of our fields and continue to work hard at increasing the tilth of the soil.

In a typical share you will receive 10-13 different vegetables. Half shares get the same vegetable as a full share, but half the amount. Full shares usually weigh between 16 and 23 pounds, while half shares are 8 to 13 pounds. Our shares before thanksgiving and the winter holidays are extra large for all of your feasting.

The staples that you can expect in every share are carrots, kale, an allium (onions, shallots or leeks), garlic, squash, chicories and braising greens. Mixed in with these are a smattering array of roots and other greens. From watermelon radishes to popcorn, yukina savoy to black futsu squash, we love to grow tasty and beautiful vegetables that are hard to find other places.

Peoples eating habits are very different, but a Full Share is designed to provide enough vegetables for two veggie-loving adults or a family of four omnivores who eat most of their meals at home.

Full Plate Farm 2020 Details:
Season: November 6th -April 1st (23 weeks) Pick up is every other week.

Pick-up Location: Full Plate Farm (28502 NW 51st Ave., Ridgefield, WA 98642)
Pick-up Time: Wednesdays/Thursdays 9am-9pm
Pick-up Location: SE Elevator Cafe and Commons- 1033 SE Main St
Pick-up Time: 2pm-5pm Wednesday, 7:30am-5pm Thursday
Pick-up Location: NW Ecotrust Building-721 NW 9th Ave, 2nd Floor
Pick-up Time:Wednesday 2-6pm, Thursday 8:30-5:30
Pick-up Location: N.E. 9th and Mason
Pick-up Time: 5pm Thursday through Friday evening
Pick-up Location: SW Garden Home, Becker Dr.
Pick-up Time: Wednesday 6-9pm and all day Thursday
Pick-up Location: Chamber of Commerce Building-1101 Broadway St, Vancouver, WA
Pick-up Time: Wednesday 2-7pm
Pick-up Location: SE Laurelhurst, 41st and Pine
Pick-up Time:3pm Wednesday through Friday evening

Full Share (pick-up every other week): $850
Half Share (pick-up every other week): $475
Monthly Payments: We offer monthly payment plans. We’re happy to work with you on whatever payment plan you’d like to set up.

(360) 975-9532
28502 NW 51st Ave
Ridgefield, WA 98642
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