About Us

Portland Area CSA Coalition

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our vision is a community where everyone eats local food, farmers thrive, and CSA is a household name. Our mission is to promote Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) by:

  • Directly connecting local CSA farmers with people
  • Providing farmers opportunities to learn and grow and meet their business and sustainability goals.
  • Educating the public about the CSA experience and the benefits of healthy eating.


Connect with Us

To learn more about the Portland Area CSA Coaliton and about Community Supported Agriculture, connect with us on Facebook and subscribe to our email newsletter.

For Farmers

For farmers, we offer opportunities for networking and resource sharing through a listserv, on-farm events (November-March), and workshops. If you are a farmer or someone in the agricultural field interested in the our listserv or events, click here.

2020 Board of Directors

Shannon Kane, Chair

Holly Hutchason, Executive Director

Tanya Peshovich, Secretary

Heather Havens

Mary Katchur

David Oberstein

Anne Schneider

Stephanie Torgerson


We are currently seeking Board Members for the positions of Vice Chair and Treasurer.

For questions, or to contact us, click here.