Portland Area CSA Coalition

PACSAC is a program of the Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust (OSALT). Our mission is to provide education and resources about CSA to farmers and the community.

In the community, PACSAC educates about CSA as an option for healthy, local, sustainable eating through presentations, our web site, tabling at events, and print materials. If you are interested in a presentation about CSA or would like to volunteer with PACSAC, contact us.

For farmers, PACSAC offers opportunities for networking and resource sharing through a listserv, on-farm events (October-March), and workshops. If you are a farmer or someone in the agricultural field interested in the PACSAC listserv or events, click here.

PACSAC Supporters

PACSAC is grateful for the contributions of many individual farms and for the support of Concentrates, Inc. Thank you!Concentrates Sign

2013 PACSAC Advisory Committee Members

President, Shari Sirkin, Dancing Roots Farm
Michael Menzies, Braeside Farms
James Just, Pumpkin Ridge Gardens
Tanya Murray, MBA Candidate, Portland State University
Ari Rosner, Board Member, Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Landtrust (OSALT)

Former PACSAC Presidents
2009 – 2011  Florence Jessup, Artisan Organics
2007-2009  Steve Radtke, Abundant Harvest
2005-2007  Chris Roehm, Square Peg Farm
2003-2005  Laura Masterson, 47th Ave. Farm

History – Two Decades of Portland CSA

The earliest CSAs in Portland were started in the early 1990’s.  Sue Clark from Natural Harvest Farm remembers there were three CSA’s when the group that would become PACSAC first gathered. Pumpkin Ridge Gardens was one of them and is still running – they may have been first. In addition to Natural Harvest, there was Simpleton Farm on Sauvie Island run by Roxanne and Yuval Sternberg. The number of CSAs grew quickly. One early CSA event was the Tomato Turn On that introduced hundreds of people to a huge array of tomato varieties.

Starting in the late 1990s, CSA farmers pooled their resources to print a list of area CSAs to distribute around town and at events. The list was an effort to increase awareness of CSA and to help new members find farms that they could support. Shari Sirkin from Dancing Roots Farm has kept an archive of the old paper lists from the early days of the group. One from 1996 can be seen here.

The farmers gave their organization the name PACSAC around 2002. The name was inspired by the Madison Area CSA Coalition (MACSAC)-now the FairShare CSA Coalition. Around 2003, a website and listserv were started.

For most of its history, PACSAC has been an organization run by the volunteer efforts of CSA farmers. In 2013, PACSAC hired Caylor Roling to provide education and outreach about CSA in the community.

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